All healthy relationships rely on trust. This is especially true for successful leaders. They can only achieve their goals if their people have faith in them. For this reason, we emphasize trust Grateful Rose’s training program. These are the ways we foster loyalty, dependability, and seamless collaboration:

  • Offer Trust First: Leaders must give their people trust before they can receive it. By demonstrating faith in a team’s abilities and commitment, a leader is likely to elicit greater efficiency and improved results. What’s more, the professionals will feel valued and return the trust they received. 
  • Be Humble: We’ve learned that the most effective leaders direct their focus away from themselves and onto others. There are no hidden agendas. Grateful Rose’s office runs on transparency, for instance, so there’s no question that our frontrunners are invested in the well-being of all of us.
  • Share Credit: Our managers hold themselves accountable for challenges that arise, and take a different approach whenever we achieve a new victory. In such cases, they share the credit. Recognition reminds people that they are appreciated. Again, when professionals feel valued they return the sentiments in kind. They also feel more inspired to stretch their potential.

By gifting trust to others, being humble, and sharing credit, managers gain respect from their teams.

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